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Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt Scratch Card ScreenshotScratch cards have been a quick and easy way to gamble for a number of years now. Slowly but surely the old card types are being replaced by the electronic scratch card and Net Entertainment are right at the top of their game when it comes to creating a great selection.

Treasure Hunt is a great scratch card available to be found in a host of online casinos. There are six treasures to be found in each and every game and you need to find two or more treasure chests in six picks to win prizes rising towards the jackpot of £100,000.

The game is effectively a map of a fictional island with the Treasure Hunt logo situated in the bottom left and the pay table dominating the far right. Your first task is to select your betting amount and then when you are ready to select your picks you can either press the AUTO PICK button or select a pick manually.

To make a manual choice you have to direct your fantastic looking golden pointer to various parts of the map and click. There is a graphic like dynamite explosion and then your choice is revealed.

A skull and crossbones means you have missed and a treasure chest means you have won. You need a minimum of two treasure chests to win the smallest prize of £1 and six treasure chests to win the top prize of £10,000.

There is also a special bonus prize. If you select six skull and crossbones you will receive one stick of dynamite in the bonus items area. After receiving three sticks of dynamite you are transported to a more detailed map where you once again choose an area to win a special bonus prize.

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Last Updated 18 July 2016
Treasure Hunt Scratch Card